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    You will not find anywhere official EA/DICE statement regarding GSP list. All what we know currently is that BF1 beta servers are hosted by Amazon AWS (servers in Ireland) and by i3d (servers located in Netherland).

    Also my clan will not go into BF1 official servers, if there will be no ranked servers and no RCON support. Who would like to pay for a gaming server without any admin power ? I still believe that EA/DICE will announce a GSP list before the BF1 release date and we will have a full RCON support. Without this BF1 will die on PC platform, and cheaters will win.
    My clan mates already has noticed aimbotters on beta BF1 servers.

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    How can you tell who is hosting the servers? I would like to see who is hosting the ones in the US. I currently use Fragnet for my BF4 server and would love to stay with them if there are going to be rentable/adminable servers. The performance on their servers are nice. Best host I have been with yet.
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    I have checked two random BF1 beta servers in US. One was hosted directly by EA, another one was hosted by Amazon AWS. Also keep in mind, that this might totaly change after the official BF1 release.

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    Agreed and confirmed on hack in BF1. Came across alot and reported them. Also checked if i wasnt wrong, lotta BF1 hack videos on youtube. Now, i think DICE will consider bringing back ranked servers and rcon support.

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    i'm pretty sure that's exacly what beta Phases are for. Find bugs, and let good guys lay their hand upon a thing. But also, collecting data about this very limited situation. I bet and hope they will be able to extract a lot of information about where Cheating happens in particular. If you know that, it's far easier to find out where to look at afterwards.
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    They could have make it a "closed" beta like they did for alpha. Only make it available to everyone who ordered BF1.
    I think its more like an obligation to have "open" beta since not much pre-ordered because of the fact that lotta people knew there wont be admins in servers without rcon support. Now, its full of fake origin clients with free access to BF1. You say this is a good way to see where backdoors are but its also a good way for hackers to look for and test alternative backdoors.

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    NO RCON = NOT RENTING SERVER for me and my clan.

    I really doubt who are the dumb-wits advising EA/DICE, could not help myself from going on a rant-
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    Quote Originally Posted by sammad143 View Post
    NO RCON = NOT RENTING SERVER for me and my clan.

    I really doubt who are the dumb-wits advising EA/DICE, could not help myself from going on a rant-
    No Rcon = No rentable servers or at least why would you want to if they make them available?

    I seriously doubt they will let this happen. There are servers you can rent for the BF series where EA has shut down theirs.

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    For the love of god I just hope they add more server locations for Asia if they don't intend on letting users rent servers... The only location available for Asia is Japan with 70-80ms ping from Singapore and spiking to >150 for hours at a time. Sure wish to play BF1 at <10ms lol

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    It is kind of strange that you guys are going to such lengths over what is currently no more than rumors and speculation. I am not saying that you should pre-order the game; but at least wait until the game is released so you can know the facts before making such condemnation.



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