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    CTE Battlefield Client Download

    Hello, ive tried lots of times last year and never to succeed in downloading the client setup because Origin wont see anything new to download when i "reload my games"

    So i wanted to try again today but same thing happens. I must be missing something but i even have the browser plugin for CTE. Is this an Origin bug or am i supposed to do something besides logging in to CTE battlelog?

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    I thought the CTE project was shut down?

    Last i heard there were no new features/fixes going through CTE. BF4 is end of life cycle.

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    there are still servers there. but maybe it is shut down and maybe thats why its not downloading anymore in Origin. I dont know, i couldnt download last year either

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    Just get ready for the BF5 CTE

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    yea im in on that. bored from playing, so may as well test new stuff and learn new rcon stuff to work with

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    BF4 CTE servers are up? Earlier today, i saw BF4 CTE download was available in My Games on Origin (probably from my previous download request from the cte website months ago). But why now? new update? what?



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