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    Update procon to use new .Net features

    How hard would it be to update procon to use the latest .Net features? It would make some things a lot easier for plugin developers if async and await was available. The new string handling features would also be sweet.

    Just wondering what this would take...

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    Is this even a possibility ?

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    In my opinion, the biggest problem with updating Procon to use newer .NET features is that it will require all people who currently use Procon to update their systems to the new .NET version or else it will break. It's scary to purposely break a lot of people's setups.
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    Could it be a major revision that doesn't auto update? That way people would have to choose to install it. Old code should continue to work the same as it does now shouldn't it? Newer .Net releases are backwards compatible as far as I'm aware.



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