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    Multibalancer- Help me setting up a good balance for my server

    I have a server Naval strike maps only and 64 players 2000 tickets normal
    in every time one team is always fucked up :/
    i have already read multibalancer instructions and i still dont know what will be good for this server
    So please can someone with a good knowledge suggest me a good balance and scramble settings for multibalancer plugin?
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    no one? :/
    looks like stacking configuration will do the job but i do not know how to properly use it for my server i have read multibalancer thread but im still confused how to use it right

    So what i want to set is moving strong players to weak team when the server is unbalanced by 600 tickets BUT not at every point for example when one team is about to lose or 600 tickets left to lose, can anyone please tell me how exactly to do this? my server ticket is 2000
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    you can find some configuration examples in this thread:

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    Seems you also asked in the proper channels (the plugin topic).
    Please post question about plugins in their corresponding topics. Thanks.

    Closing this.
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.



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