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    Question How do I change BF4 server providers and not lose battlelog bookmarks?


    I just can't find the thread with the information. I know I read it a while back. How do I go about changing my Battlefield 4 server provider without killing my battlelog bookmarks?

    At this stage, losing all bookmarks is a kiss of death for a server, but I am fed up with the regular server crashes at my current host.

    May I have some help from you more knowledgeable admins?

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    It's forbidden for GSP's by EA / DICE to move your server ID (which holds your favs) to another GSP.
    Some GSP's don't seem to follow this strict policy so you can always ask your current GSP...
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.

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    Another nonsensical policy by EA/DICE that holds admins hostage to their current host, which seems to only be followed by GSP's if it suits their ends. When it works for them, they do it without hesitation. Case in point: Trinity transferred ALL server ids to I3D when they stopped hosting BF4 servers a few months back (without telling any of their customers, by the way, until it was done).

    So, I know it's possible, and I know GSP's do it. How can I get I3D to do it for me and my one little server? They have been terrible with crashes almost daily for me and I want to switch hosts without being penalized for their poor service.

    So far, I3D has been non-helpful and non-responsive as usual.

    Canceled Due To R45 Server Patch:

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    I3D wow we have been with them since bf3 they are brilliant and our server has been up over a week and no crashes issues

    what you running that keeps causing crashes? we are just conquest 64 man and are more than happy with them



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