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    How about just try?

    The plugin is written very generic so it could be working without no problems.

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    The problem is our dedicated server with databases is currently unavailable. So I cann't check it now. That why I've asked.

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    Hello guys.
    I finally back here, to check the plugin, with MySQL server. I hope it is not too late for that, because BF4 it is not so long to wait
    So I was trying to test today, but it failed, when I asked support to install MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver, they told me:
    > Ah, I am afraid that ODBC is not currently supported by our servers. The mod will not work.
    So any ideas how to make it works without installing the driver?

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    you should use the full version than:

    It dont need the ODBC Driver anymore.

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    Is there was made an option to make the stats shorter?
    I'm asking, because simple stats good for people with limited MySQL traffic, and for those, who doesn't need full stats, only players' base.
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    I will try



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