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    well after all the discussion here and on the forum, and my own personal issues with BF4. I decided to give it up and go with hardline. Yes this may sound crazy but I cant stand BF4 visually. It is so much different to look at than BF3. You play BF3 and its nice and clean and focused, I can see players even if they are behind a rock if they move it catches my eye at times. But with BF4 its out of focus, fuzzy, way too much color, and impossible for me to see players. Plus a BF4 server is expensive.

    I tried, I really tried this last weekend to sit on my BF4 server and play the maps, but I just hated it visually so much I had to leave time and time again.

    Hardline is more like BF3 visually than BF4 is so I went with that because at least I can see players to shoot them and can play it.

    Plus the hardline players on the forum seem to be looking for someone with a mission to make a great server, I get excited and they love the excitement I show. So we will see how this goes with hardline.

    Plus I love that I can get the M1903 Springfield lol I loved that weapon in other older games...
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