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    Unhappy 1 Player Start? i3D Server? Huh?

    Hello, I am pretty new to this world. I rent a Bf4 Server from i3d.

    Now i heard you need a Procon.cfg line to make the server Start's when there's 1 player?

    How do i do this?
    If i go to my FTP Editor. I see This:
    procon.private.window.position Minimized 412 146 1024 800
    procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc"
    procon.private.options.chatLogging False
    procon.private.options.consoleLogging False
    procon.private.options.eventsLogging False
    procon.private.options.pluginLogging False
    procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates False
    procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False
    procon.private.options.autoCheckGameConfigsForUpda tes False
    procon.private.options.showtrayicon True
    procon.private.options.minimizetotray False
    procon.private.options.closetotray False
    procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata True
    procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox False
    procon.private.options.allowAllODBCConnections False
    procon.private.options.allowAllSmtpConnections False
    procon.private.options.adminMoveMessage True
    procon.private.options.chatDisplayAdminName True
    procon.private.options.EnableAdminReason False
    procon.private.options.layerHideLocalPlugins True
    procon.private.options.layerHideLocalAccounts True
    procon.private.options.ShowRoundTimerConstantly False
    procon.private.options.ShowCfmMsgRoundRestartNext True
    procon.private.options.ShowDICESpecialOptions False
    procon.private.httpWebServer.enable False 27360 ""
    procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Metabans
    procon.private.options.pluginMaxRuntime 0 59
    procon.private.options.UsePluginOldStyleLoad False

    Where do i have to paste something to make it the Round start With 1 player??? 2 is also ok xD.


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    Use the search on these forums and you will find the answer.
    Also - this is a general question - no a plugin enhancement - for future reference
    Game nick Volo_Mortis
    Read the manual ?

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    I see an IP address, a port number, and a password. You probably want to remove that information from your post.

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    Darn - I was going to connect and muck about - your no fun ty_ger07



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