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    Problem with plugin settings

    Hi everyone. We have a BF4 server and a Procon Layer ( hosted at Procon it's working just fine, kick, kills, configs and so on, except the plugins settings, we can send and turn on the plugins, but when we try to change the text of a message, after a few seconds the message returns to the original text.

    This could be a problem with Procon, Procon Layer or i3d? Or a permission problem?

    In what log I can see it?

    Thank you.
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    To test, have only one external procon connected to the layer

    Make sure your local procon is connected to the layer ( you will have to provide the ip address, port, username and password)

    On your copy of procon check the Parent Layer Control tab

    Check the plugins there - those are the plugins running on your server.
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    Read the manual ?

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