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    Issues with NFO?

    Hello all,

    Has anyone else been having issues with NFO?

    For the past several days, we have been having issues with player dumps on all of our servers at the same time. They'll crash, then 5 minutes later, same thing. We have had the same procon set-up we have had since day one. No new plugins, etc.

    They initially requested we remove any 3rd party tools, so we did. All we had, was ACI's LiveSecure script. We haven't disabled procon, because honestly I have read that that is usually not the case.

    When the dump happens, it usually say "connection to the server has been lost," or "connection..timed out."

    We noticed a reduction in lag from the ACI script, but the player dumps are still happening.

    I don't know if it's related to a certain plugin, or what, but I am at my wit's end.

    I just wanted to write and see if we're not alone in this, or if this is something people have dealt with before?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that NFO may be having some internal issues, that the public is not privy to. One thing I have noticed, is that when our server dumps, there are some other popular servers who empty out, that shouldn't be empty at that time.

    Thank you in advance for you help with this.
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    It's not Procon nor it's plugins that is causing Blaze Disconnects. It never is.

    And I doubt it's an NFO issue (although they seem to get DDoS alot)

    I've had the same last night with my two EU i3D servers. Both blazed twice in a row at the same time.
    First I thought it was i3D having networking issues (or being attacked).

    But then I noticed half of my favourite servers, which are not hosted by i3D went down at the same time too.

    Seems to be a Blaze backend instability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EBassie View Post
    It's not Procon nor it's plugins that is causing Blaze Disconnects. It never is.
    Very true, I always thought that that was the case. It seems from what I am reading, there have been alot of Blaze issues recently, as you stated. Hopefully they can mitigate it soon, so we can all go back to being happy, lol.

    Thanks again for the response EBassie, very much appreciated.

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    Yeah it's blaze, happened to our servers both US and EU over the past couple days, and many of the servers on my fav list.

    Although NFOs hardware is questionable, quite so, it isn't the cause of this.

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    Is anyone else still having issues with this? Yesterday was fine, but 3 of our servers dropped at different times today again. This is getting quite frustrating.



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