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    Can't add Zavod:Graveyard Shift to map rotation

    Every map works fine except that map. I can't add Zavod:Graveyard Shift to the map rotation in Procon at all. In any game mode. Any Ideas? it works with every other map except that one. Here is my bf4.def file, maybe that is the culprit. Any help much appreciated.

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    I don't see something wrong with your BF4.def, but it is outdated.

    Here is latest BF4.def:

    Can you try to add the map via Procon console connected to your layer?
    And can you try to add the map via Procon console using a direct connection to the gameserver?
    mapList.add XP5_Night_01 ConquestLarge0 1
    And what happens if you edit the maplist.txt at your providers control panel?
    XP5_Night_01 ConquestLarge0 1
    If that's not working either, there is something wrong with your gameserver instance and you should contact your provider.
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    Very strange. I tried to add it via the Procon console and it said invalid map name. I then added it to the maplist.txt and restarted the server. It worked and after that I was able to add it via Procon console and the maplist tab.

    It is making me scratch my head. I restart the server everyday. I added a full maplist in the maplist.txt and it would never show that map but it did with just that map. I have no idea why it didn't work or now works. Thanks Ebassie for replying

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    It has to be a server problem because when I restart the server I get the same problem. I am contacting them now. Just a heads up for anyone else who might get this problem.



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