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    The best balancer for BF 4?

    Hello ,tell me what kind of balancer is now the most relevant and how to properly configure? Is there a balancer on the clan tag, and countries at the same time?

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    search FORUM BALANCE

    ------------>Multibalancer <-------------

    RTM there.

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    Read the manual ?

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    Hi there,
    Multibalancer is a very powerfull balancer with lots of settings.
    TrueBalancer is very easy to configure and did a good job too.
    I am using both of them over weeks and tested it out. I have more "closer" rounds with TrueBalancer.

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    Truebalancer doesn't officially support BF3 or BF4. Truebalancer is not supported by its author at all any more (dead code which won't be updated). Truebalancer was known to randomly cause servers to lag, crash, or kick all the players for the server. Choose which one you want to use...

    This is a plugin enhancement?



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