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    Need help with a On Join command in proconrulz

    I have been trying to create a string that announces on joining the server an announcement for individual players

    for example :
    On Join;Say Player %Slightl3Twist3d% <----- Head Honcho

    but this announces the text "<----- Head Honcho" for every single player that joins. Anyone know how I can achieve this. I know there is the other plugins to announce admin etc but i wanted to figure this out because i thought it could be fun to create funny announcements for certain players that i know

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    On Join;If %p% == Slight3Twist3d;Say Player %p% <----- Head Honcho

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    Thank You. That worked great..once I figured out you misspelled my name (its Slightl3Twist3d) since i copy pasted yours in lol

    was able to get some laughs with these:

    On Join;If %p% == Slightl3Twist3d;Say Player %p% <----- Thinks The AA Should Have Come With Rubber Bullets !
    On Join;If %p% == darklotus30;Say Player %p% <----- The One Your Mother Warned You About !!!
    On Join;If %p% == 2013Undertaker;Say Player %p% <----- Caution!!!, Will Make You Rage Quit!
    On Join;If %p% == Kevalar67;Say Player %p% <----- All His Kills Are Currently Pure Luck :P

    Thanks again, I never would have figured that out..what a great forum this is



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