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    Question Count objectives (M-COM Stations destroyed)


    I've take a look to the Ploho League plugin, especially about the scores feature that allow players to ask for previous round scores...

    This is a great function that I'm workin on... and one little thing is missing for me.

    For two team in a two round RUSH, there is 3 possible results :
    • Same team win the 2 rounds as attacker and defender (no problem this team is the GREAT CHAMPION)
    • Both team win as attacker (we can compare attacker's ticket at the end of each rounds...)
    • Both team win on Defense (we can only count the objectives destroyed...)

    And so, is there a way to count objectives desrtoyed ?

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    No, I do not believe that it is possible to determine the number of mcoms destroyed. Two ideas come to mind:

    1) Track the attacker's number of tickets. If the tickets go down steadily and then all the sudden jump back up, you are quite sure that the attackers destroyed a set of mcoms. If both teams win as defense, you could count number of sets of mcoms destroyed as described. What if they destroy one mcom but not both in that set? I don't think you can detect it. If they both tied in that regard, you might be able to break the tie by how long they were able to play one set of mcoms before being defeated.

    2) BC2 has access to kill location information. If attacker's x,y,z coordinates match in a close proximity to an mcom location, you know that attackers were close to the mcom. Track which attacker team had the closest mcom activity (or furthest kill from their original spawn) to judge which attacker was more effective. Maybe?

    Maybe use a combination of both ideas?

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    1) What a clever idea !
    The only rare case that will not be detected is if attackers destroy 2 m-com without loosing a significant ticket number...

    2) Seems too complicated for me, and must be studied for each map



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