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    Will this work?

    On Spawn; PlayerFirst;
    Set %pointsneeded% 5
    Admin; Set %vipadmin% 1
    Set %part2active% ". With %pointsneeded% points you get 1 week !VIP SLOT"
    If %ini_ranking_%p%% >= %pointsneeded%; Set %tmpvip% 1; PlayerSay VIP: %p% Congrats! You got 1 week VIP SLOT for populating the server!; Say /vsm-addvip %p% +7;Set %ini_ranking_%p%% 0
    If %ts1% + %ts2% < 4; If %tmpvip% <> 1; If %vipadmin% <> 1; PlayerSay %p% tanks for joining! Please wait for more players. When the round starts you will get VIP points!; PlayerSay With %pointsneeded% points you get 1 week !VIP SLOT! (Your points %tmpVIPScore%/%pointsneeded%)

    I am sure you can strip this code down a bit, and make it better.... I am new to this.
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