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    BF4 Maps and Modes


    Our clan is renting a server from Multiplay but I have run into some issues and support doesn't seem to want to listen to me..

    I know that there are only certain maps available for certain modes however, Multiplay lists every map available for every mode. I tried to tell them that but apparently they don't care. I have had 30+ email correspondence with them about this issue.

    My issue is that when I go to add maps, it bugs outs. It shows all the maps as "installed" on their side but when I look at procon, either only a fraction show up or the list bugs out entirely with just conquest small maps. Their maplist.txt is locked down and they refuse to make it "writable" in the config area. I can't even view the file as it only says "$$Maplist_1304$$" in the first line.

    I have searched, and found some answers, as to what maps play what modes but it has been a battle to say the least. I am trying to create a mixed mode server with maps that persist thru a restart. I can add the maps I want via procon, but even then, it seems the maps / modes listed in procon don't quiet seem to match. For example, there is no squad death match for Graveyard in procon. And then there are some modes that are double listed for a map (v1 and v2). Also, the lack of being able to sort your list on the left side of the maps is quite a frustration.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it requires switching providers at this point, I am willing to do that.

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    Never mind, think I got it sorted.

    I guess I didn't get it. Ugh...
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    im not sure if you have sorted it, But we have a multiplay server and we use Ultimate Map Manager and this runs flawlessly

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    Do you have any vars.preset in your config?

    Remove that. Then make a rotation in procon, it will be saved even though it restarts. (should at least)



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