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    [Request] Polling Plugin

    I have a need for a polling plugin as it's so much easier for someone to !vote than to go to our website. I did some poking around on the Forums, looking for what I need but was not able to find what I'm looking for.

    All I need is a simple polling plugin. Set the question in the configuration, if it's say or yell and if yell for how long, and what voting options are (yes, no, maybe, etc). Every X seconds a message is displayed asking players to vote...if they vote, they can see the results by using !votes. If they have already voted, then they wouldn't be able to cast another vote. No idea how that would work but then again I'm not a developer. Polls would run for X period of time (days, months, etc).

    Can anyone help me with this?

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    Someone might be able to mod vote map plugin.

    It has most of the features you want, me thinks.
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    Read the manual ?

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    Know who might be able to?

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    I once had the same request.
    Don't think it's ever gonna come.



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