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    BF4 Server Crashing a lot with I3D, anyone else?

    SO we were forced to move from Trinity to I3D when Trinity gave up the goat on BF4 ranked servers.
    we had a large amount of money from donations while with Trinity and the only option to not loose the money was for Trinity to migrate out server to I3D.

    Now with I3D our server crashes about 2-3 times a week. Every time I put a ticket in they respond that the dont see a crash and say "software programs are not perfect they can crash" No other help from them.

    I know the server goes down because Im in it when it happens, full server, middle of the game and BAM! back to battlelog, a few minutes later server comes back online.

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Any Ideas?


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    I had the problem twice, hoster could not find a fault. The procon layer had at the time also a disconnect from the server

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    Sometimes both crash and other times just the game server.
    I keep thinking its I3D we never had so many crashes with Trinity or Fragnet

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    I think every server crashes a once a week or so. Where is your server located?

    I've had a 48 slots server at i3d, and did not have any problems. Had to cancelled it due to inactivity.

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    The server is located in Ashburn Virginia
    We are on 60 HZ



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