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    Player joining... Help plz!

    I have server with 32 slots.
    I want to see players who are joinig the server in chat anounce. After players reaches 16 slots and more (of 32) i wont that this anounce stop (don't need spam in chat)
    Tried to do this with Insane limits (post in this thread ), but it show only players that are already joined server (OnJoin section only0. Tried with ProconRulz but can't stop messages after number of players reach 16 players. Help to choose plugin and get right rule please! Thank you!
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    On Join;Teamsize 7;Say %p% is joining the server.

    As long as you aren't doing a game mode with more than 2 teams, and as long as your team sizes aren't super unbalanced, it will do exactly what you want. Teamsize 7 means that the smallest team has 7 or fewer players.
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    Thank you!

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