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    [HowTo] Update game definition files manually

    This guide will help you to manully update game definition files (ie: BF4.def) when new maps and weapons are released for Procon supported games.

    Usually when the game developer releases a game patch, Procon needs an updated 'definition file' to make sure new maps and weapons are known to Procon.

    On 'patch day' it may take up to several hours for us to publish these updated files to the auto-updater function of Procon, so here is the guide how to manually update these config / definition files.

    1. Stop your Layer (if you use a layer) and / or Procon client.
    2. On both the Procon Layer & Procon client you have to be sure that the auto-update function has been disabled. You can set that in the procon.cfg file. Look for these lines:
      procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates False
      procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False
      procon.private.options.autoCheckGameConfigsForUpdates True
    3. Download the latest definition file (ie: BF4.def) from the Github link you have been supplied with by Procon Staff. These links are always published in the corresponding "Game Server Patches topics".
    4. When using FTP: Upload this definition file to your Procon Layer to the \Procon\Configs folder.
      Make sure you transfer this file in text-mode.
      When having access to remote desktop to your Layer: You can copy the contents of the new definition file and paste it into the existing one on your layer. Make sure you copy everything and overwrite everything.

      Also overwrite the definition file in your Procon client
    5. You can now start your Procon Layer and / or Procon client again and you should be able to see the new maps.



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