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    Quote Originally Posted by EBassie View Post
    Commander & Spectator slots are treated the same.
    When you buy 64 slots from your GSP and you activate the commander or 2 spec slots, this means you have only 62 player slots.

    When you buy 66 slots from your GSP, you can use those 2 extra slots for Commanders OR spectator.

    You can turn them on / off whenever you like.
    thanks bassie.

    so could there be something made up with ingame command? e.g tonight we will have 2 spectator slots (!spectator active)

    the next night we would like commander (!commander active, yes im aware that the spectator slots would not be there.) with insane limits etc ?? and this could be done without a server restart?

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    Lets get back to the I need to create two spots so it'll switch from Spectator to Commander?



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