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    Adding MySQL to your plugin, how?

    Hello all, so I'm extremely new to this side of the fence when it comes to battlefield games and although I have coded/programmed many different things so the code is not completely foreign there are still a lot of things I have to learn and I'm struggling with the understanding how to get a MySQL connection going. I don't want to use the ODBC thing that you see in that Server Kills plugin because for some reason that just does not work. I want a normal MySQL connection like in the Multi Logs,GUID Chat plugin.

    I've searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a simple example of how this connection can be made. I've tried looking at other existing plugins but most of them are very advanced and as I do understand parts of it, I just cannot determine which parts are required and where they need to go. Each plugin seems to do things differently..

    Please help guys, much appreciated.

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    You use MySQL Connector (MySql.Data.dll) which is included with Procon. Here's it's documentation:



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