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    level/ experience cap plugin option?

    Hi there,
    my question: Is there any option/plugin that will limit the rank of players that can join the server?
    I was wondering if there is an option or plugin on public Battlefield 4 servers to only allow players under a certain experience level (lvl50 or so) access. What I am trying to do is set up a server for beginners only,where they can learn some maps weapons etc while not having to play against people with 100's hours more experience (level 140etc.) and dying every 5 seconds.
    I know that If I was to rent a server I would just be able to manually kick/ban players that join who are above the 50level experience, but this would be very time consuming for me, so what I'm after is an option that would not let highly experienced players from joining the server in the first place?
    Many thanks.



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