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    Glad you picked up on this, Athlon!

    After the BF3/Origin launch fiasco, plus the complete lack of mod tools, then the shrunken text box (our only static UI element to manipulate!), I have turned my back on EA. Their greed knows no bounds, as can be seen by the "expansion packs" that have recently been released. Expansion packs that (aside from art) are almost exact copies of previous mods that were made for other mods! It's mind-boggling. Well, really it makes sense for EA's bank accounts, it's just truly a shame.

    Enough ranting! If you'd like any help with your updated version, or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me; I sent you a PM with my addy. o/
    I can't disagree with your feelings about EA/DICE. They seem to move on to the next project/money factory lately before they finish with their current release.

    Funny you say that about modding a mod - one of the CQ maps reminds me of an AIX2 map I made for BF2. A lot of the older guys in my clan say the same thing.....

    I got your PM - thanks. We're having great fun with it! Glad to see you are still around....



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