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    You get what you pay for. Free databases are usually awful when it comes to performance and reliablility. You might find yourself in the future all the sudden losing all the data you had stored. It's much better to pay a few dollars a month for something half decent.

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    Hi, late to the game but this is a great thread. helped immensely. one question, the image files above are missing and they contain critical information. in particular, the ODBC setup image.

    At this step, i am hung:

    Click on 'MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver', then click finish. A new window will appear.

    If you set up your own MySQL server via the instructions earlier,
    fill the fields according to the example below.

    Since the images are gone, where can i find the correct into to enter into the setup window?

    any assistance would be appreciated!

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    We be looking for those pictures... let you know when we find them.

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    Read the manual ?

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    What a great topic !
    I'm developping my own little plugins for my team..
    I allready have a kind of "SQL" database working on my procon server, in a XAMPP package, but I never used it for procon.
    I'd like to make my plugin connect/read my xampp database, do I need to install "MySQL Connector/ODBC" or something else or XAMPP will do the job ?

    Can I find some SQL reading example for ProCon plugin ?



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