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    Help promote iOS Procon

    If you are happy with iOS Procon and want to help make the App popular please take a minute to review iOS Procon on the App Store by following this link: ... tware&mt=8

    iOS Procon only received a few ratings so far. This probably has something to do with Apple’s built-in “rate on delete” policy which also tends to skew reviews towards unhappy customers. This does not apply to iOS Procon though – it only received positive feedback.

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Help promote iOS Procon

    Is there a referral program or some kind of benefit?

    I would like to publish it in some forums.

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    Re: Help promote iOS Procon

    There must be a way to force ratings at random times, not only on deletion.

    Ive a few apps/games i use and everynow and then it promts me to ask if id like to rate it, Yes, No, Remind me Later.



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