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    Question Request - Insane Limits (Limit 20 vehicle kills)

    Hi all, can someone tell me if is it possible to create this limit for BF4?

    Limit 20 vehicle kills by a player on the same vehicle.

    Example player gets 10 MAA kills gets a warning saying "you have 10 kills with the LAV of a limit of 20"

    Player get 20 kills with the LAV gets a warning "You reached the limit of 20 kills on the LAV go do something else or get autokilled" and from now on every kill that he does with a LAV he gets auto killed.

    This will happen on all vehicles , to stop someone of using the same vehicle during the all round.

    You could get 20 kills with the lav , 20 kills with a tank etc....

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Sorry Im a bit lost still in this forum, I finally found the Insane Limits requests thread and post it there too
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