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    2 players join server with same ip and same port, how is it possible?

    anyone knows how this is even possible??

    PunkBuster Server: 21 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(-) OK 1 3.3 0 (V) "xxxxxxxxxxx"
    PunkBuster Server: 61 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(-) OK 1 3.0 0 (V) "xxxxxxxxxxx"

    sorry i had to cover all the info....

    however rest assured they are 2 differrent players that share same ip and same port

    i cannot understand it

    is this some kind of cheating??

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    2 players
    1 router
    BF server

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    what am i missing?

    bf server send packets to same "ip : port" for both playerS

    how router could possible knows what packet is for host 1 and what packet is for host 2 ??

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    They have different ips on their local network, but are connected to the same router/modem. Modems don't open a new external port for each user inside the network, that would be insane for larger networks.

    They are probably just siblings or friends connecting from the same house, no need to worry, unless something else is causing suspicion.

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    Or they are at the same school or dorm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ty_ger07 View Post
    Or they are at the same school or dorm.
    More likely, yes.

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    ok what bothers me is that i dont understand how the modem/router can keep track of who is who.

    anybody can point me in the right direction?

    it goes against the little i know about networks

    i can kind of understand if it were tcp, maybe the router can keep track of packets with a stateful inspection, but with udp?
    it can do the same???

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