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    Need some account access info

    First off great app. I don't use it due to the lack of an Iphone . But I have a question about user access permissions.

    If the person that is using the app is connected are the permissons that are set for the user going to be the same or do they get all access by defualt? I'm asssuming they access will be the same that is granted.


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    Re: Need some account access info

    Procon enforces user permissions on the layer instead of relying on the client to simply block the users input. No matter what program you use to connect to your layer the privileges will be enforced for the account =)
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    Re: Need some account access info

    Yep, but also the iOS Procon checks your rights and won't let you do things in the first place which the layer server would block anyway because of lack of rights.

    So it's even double rights-checked...



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