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Thread: Hi folks!

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    Hi folks!

    I just finished the first version of iOS Procon and almost forgot to introduce myself!

    Just imagine making use of Procon's sub-admin accounts and plugins even on your iOS device...
    After I asked Phogue about 10 days ago what he thinks about porting procons great potential to other platforms I spend literally every minute of my spare time to adapt "Decker's BFBC2 Server Tool" for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) to the procon layer server architecture.

    Cooperation with Phogue on this effort was absolutely brilliant! And the best thing is: it is meant to last! iOS Procon will evolve further with Procon (next big thing on the horizon: MOH support).

    Phogue and I can't wait to release iOS Procon. The App is currently waiting for review by Apple's App Store team. After the review is finished we will be able to release the app on the App Store. Expect this to happen in about a week.

    Users of "Decker's BFBC2 Server Tool" may expect a free upgrade of course.

    Please feel free to use this forum for any kind of feedback / questions / suggestions.


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    Re: Hi folks!

    speaking of brilliant that's exactly what this app is



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