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    Quote Originally Posted by Fonta View Post
    LCARSx64 or CCC, does anyone of you have a update on this?
    It's the same as for CCC for me too sorry. I will start on it as soon as I do get a chance.

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    Ok, ok, no worries

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    When do we get this poll system in Adkats? I like this, and we need this poll system into our server.

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    The solution I used years ago was to just spam the server with a vote question every now and then and then record the chat log to stats database using XpKiller's logging plugin. Using SQL queries, it was easy to review the results at my convenience by searching the chat log filtering all the chat content to only show valid resonses. You have to think ahead of course and make sure that valid responses aren't standard phrases people would use in normal conversation; otherwise it could skew your results. Filtering out duplicate votes from the same player is simple enough by forming your SQL query to do so. Result totals can be grouped by response type, grouped by number of responses per player, grouped based on time, grouped based on which map was being played at time of the response (compare chat time with map stats log), etc, etc. It was quite a simple yet powerful solution which didn't use any additional plugin than what is already available.

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