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    Multiple Line Messages Spambot Extension

    Hi all,

    I needed a spambot which could display separate lines of text at a single blow, so I picked up Phogues spambot and added the functionalty to split a message into separate lines, which will be displayed one after the other with no delay.

    You just put a "//nl//" in your message at the position where you want to have a line break. Further information and examples on that are in the plugin description!

    ATTENTION: I did not rename the plugin, so it will overwrite the old CSpambot! You should make a backup copy of the original CSpambot so you can restore it if you have complications with my version.

    I hope I could help somebody with this little extension.

    I found out that the "\n" causes some problems so I changed the "new line"-control character to "//nl//".

    And another bugfix is out!

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    Re: Multiple Line Messages Spambot Extension

    Is there a way to change the duration of the spam. 2 seconds is NOT enough.

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    Am I blind or is the link gone?


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    Where is the link???

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    unsure.. it might have been part of the package system.. I'll delete this thread



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