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    BF4 Plugin Compatibility Master List

    Status of known plugins, in alphabetical order by plugin thread title. This list is not exhaustive. If your plugin is not listed, post a reply to this thread in the indicated format (single line, title of plugin including version number as a URL link to the plugin thread) and it will be copied into post #1.


    AdKats - Advanced In-Game Admin and Ban Enforcer [] [BF3/BF4]
    Adaptive Server Size ( - 5-NOV-2013) [BF4/BF3]
    Adaptive Ticket Count ( - 13-NOV-2013) [BF3, BF4]
    Automatic Round Restarter (v - 2013-11-28)
    Chat, GUID, Stats and Mapstats Logger [BF4, BF3]( - 24-NOV-2013)
    CheatDetector (CD
    Insane Limits ( - 17-NOV-2013) [BF3, BF4]
    FailLog [] [BF3, BF4]
    Latency Manager ( November 2013
    Makeroom (0.6)
    Metabans [BF3, BF4, BC2, MOH, MOHWF] - Updated 15/9/2013
    MULTIbalancer [] [BF3,BF4]
    Notify Me! - Notifications and alerts (v1.0.0.0) [BF4, BF3, BC2]
    ProconRulz - (V44 - 26-NOV-2013) [BF4, BF3]
    Simple Command Repeater []
    Teamspeak 3 Sync [BC2, BF3, BF4]
    Ultimate Map Manager ( - 11/06/13) [BF4/BF3/MOHW]
    xVotemap v1.5.x [BF3, BF4]
    Watchdog - Language (V2.0.4.0 - 06/12)
    Zombie Mode ( [BF3,BF4]


    Admin Announcer & onSpawn Message (v1.3.2.0 -- 2012-07-09)
    BalanceServerSeeders( 19-Sept-2013): Distribute server seeding players
    Basic admin alerter [BC2, BF3]
    Battlelog Cache ( - 14/1/13) [BF3]
    BF3 Ban Manager (V.[rework of CRemoteBanlist V]
    BF3 Flys_IdleManager (version 31-Dec-2012)
    BF3 PBSSE - PunkBuster ScreenShot Enforcer [BF3]
    BF3 Vote Ban BF3 (1.5.0 - 07/04/2012) [BF3]
    BF3_BC2_MoH Admin Announcer & onSpawn Message (v1.3.2.0 -- 2012-07-09)
    BF3_BC2_MoH Custom Warning Generator [Ver 3rd April] [BC2, BF3]
    BF3_BC2_MoH Server Rules on Request ( - 2012-06-18)
    Chat Filter BF3 V1.0.0.1 [BF3]
    Chat Trigger Auto-Responder v1.06 (Updated: 10/8/2010)
    Empty Map (4 Jan 1.1.1) [BF3]
    InGame Punkbuster Screenshots [11 Nov 2011] [BC2, BF3]
    Multiple Line Messages Spambot Extension
    PB Hack Detect (
    Phogue's VIP Hunter Annoyer [] [BF3]
    Player Muter [Ver 10th June] [BC2]
    Random Map Rotation - v1.0.0 [7 Feb] [BF3]
    Server Kills ( - 3/10/2013) [BF3]
    Simple BF3 Auto Messages [BF3]
    Simple PlayerTracker [] 05.12.2010
    Xtrem Weapon Limiter [] [BF3]
    MOAR ...



    Full list of community released plugins. Red text indicates a plugin is either out of date, or has been superseded.


    Please do NOT post questions regarding plugins, plugin requests or other off-topic posts here. All posts not authored by plugin developers or the Myrcon staff will be DELETED.
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    Only plugin developers/maintainers of the named plugin should reply here.

    If you are not the dev/maintainer of a plugin and you are testing a plugin on BF4 with some success or with problems, please post in the relevant plugin thread to inform the plugin owner/maintainer. We're trying to keep this thread groomed to just the status post #1.
    Don't send me private messages (PMs) unless you really need privacy, like your game server password. If you just have a question or need help, post in one of the threads. It's extra work for me to answer questions and give help in private messages and no one else gets the benefit of the answer.

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    VIP Slot Manager can be added. it works 100%.

    BF4, BF3, BFH:
    VIP Slot Manager [BF3, BF4, BFH, BC2]

    Developer of the VIP Slot Manager Plugin



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