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    Question Removing A Ban (PB)

    We have had a couple players that were banned for violating our BF 4 server rules, upon their request for unbanning we discovered that although we remove the ban in Procon the player is still banned from the server.
    It seems that when the admin did the original ban through a in game command, the bans are still in effect and there is no way to release the bans. We did have the same thing happen a few months ago and when we logged into Procon to view the current ban list it re appeared through what seemed to be Punk Buster.

    Does Punk Buster have it's own ban list? Is there a way to either prevent this from reoccurring or access the PB ban to release the ban(s)?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Game ? GSP ? The server stream in anticheats sites if yes where ?
    Check your banlist in procon, down left in the banlist there is green button press
    to load all bans and see if the user is there if not then check the server banlist.txt.

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    If it is a PB ban, I think you have to either restart PB Service (on your game server) or restart your game server for PB on your server to reparse the list in its memory.



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