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Thread: Insane Punisher

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Installed the new version but it says still. Verified the date/time stamp to be 04 October. ???


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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Opps, did not update version string in the code :lol: The actual code changes for are there though, just the incorrect version string. Good thing you noticed, otherwise it would have gone from to directly jaja. Will fix the version number and re-upload.

    Also, has anyone tried the default Rush zones? I am asking because I did not test them extensively. I just made sure that there no places that were blatantly wrong.

    (EDIT: already uploaded with fixed version string)

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    The RU base on Arica needs to be bigger. Ex one of the spawn points are outside the zone. the first house you stumble upon on the left you sometimes sawn behind and that is atm outside the zone it should be the only spawnpoint that far away ahead compared to the other sapwnpoints.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Can you take a screenhost and highlight/draw over the areas you suggest should be part of the RU base in Arica.

    Additionally, what about the bridge area? Should the entire bridge length be considered RU base?

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    here is the house marked with red square. Sometimes you spawn behind that house. Sometimes you also spawn infront of the first train wagon. So I would probally dawn the line so it includes all trains and that should also include the house if you drawn the line from the train to the left.

    yes I would probally include the whole bridge, incl trains and under the bridge. Sometimes ppl do wait for the atv to spawn under bidge and have seen US sniper camping in the big building besides the RU base and ppl are easy targets if the whole base isn't protected.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    I had this plugin installed on our server over this last weekend and it only half works.

    I have base rape and base camping both set to "true" for punishing and base zones set to "default".
    (We have team damage and voting off as default so these are irrelevant)
    I did have base zones set previously, as I had the Basic Mapzone plugin running but these have been deleted so as not to cause any kind of coflict.

    The plugin is clearly running as it identifies the punish/slap/insults commands but :

    base rape / base camp response is that this punishment cannot happen until the named player rapes/camps...even though the death was clearly inside the base zone but not in a defense zone.

    insult/slap response is "the server does not know any insults" or "slaps" as the case may be.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Please reply responding to the following questions, so it's easier for me to help you:

    What version of the plugin are you using?
    What version of ProCon are you using?
    Did you get the plugin through ProCon packages, or did you download and install it manually?
    Did you try enabling debugging mode, what outputs did you see in the chat box?
    Did you try using the !zones command?

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Okay..I know what the problem is and am getting in touch with my host guy to fix it...

    the "settings_file" line is set by default to the file location YOU used ... "C:/Documents and Settings\Junior\Desktop\New Folder\Configs\InsanePunisher.cfg"... instead of just looking for Configs/InsanePunisher.cfg (in relation to the exe) which it shows in the Plugin Settings Window on the layer Control.

    I set it up locally (on my machine) to test it and this fixed it so I just have to get him to reset it in relation to his file structure.
    I'll post when I know if this fixes it.


    yepp..that fixed fine now.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    That's good! I am glad you got it working.
    Please keep reporting any problems you see related to this plugin on this thread, I appreciate it.

    As to the path for the config file, the plugin internally tries to get the current working directory like this:

    settings_file = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + @"\" + settings_file;
    Normally, in Windows you go to the directory where the binary is, and double click on it, so the current directory is the same as the directory where the process was started. However, if you start the process from a different directory (through console), I think you will get a different CWD. Also, if ProCon internally calls SetCurrentDirectory, and does not restore it back, then it will show a different CWD.

    I come from a Linux background, all these are assumptions based on the POSIX getcwd, and chdir functions.
    Ideally I would want something like C's argv[0], which is the actual path to the process's binary.
    I do not know what is the C# equivalent of argv[0]. I'll search around msdn, and see what's available.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Quote Originally Posted by micovery
    I do not know what is the C# equivalent of argv[0]. I'll search around msdn, and see what's available.
    SetCurrentDirectory is never called within procon, it gets confusing if you start making minor exceptions everywhere. But it does not matter because the plugins are loaded in another appdomain and have the base directory of /Plugins/

    AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory will get the working directory without the assembly name, similar to argv[0].
    settings_file = Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, settings_file);
    I started at DICE late Oct. 2014, so ignore every post before that.



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