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Thread: Insane Punisher

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    I have added the changes you requested. 1. yelling, 2. make punishable killing soldier in defense zone while already trespassing base, 3. debugging info printed.

    I found multiple logic mistakes in the version, where I was not taking the trespass percentage into account correctly. Now you can modify those percentages to your liking. You can turn on debug_mode, and suicide in different locations to see whether or not the zones are being detected correctly.

    Something that you have to take into account is that with Custom Warning Generator, shooting into the base from outside, does not count as base raping... you have to be inside the area (I believe). With this plugin cross border shooting is punishable unless you are killing someone in a defense zone.

    Try it out when u have a chance, and provide feedback, to help fix issues. Thanks!

    For immediate feedback, add me on steam: ~IgA~micovery

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    with customwarning builder it is baserape shooting from outside, since you can set diffrent values over how long distance it will count as baserape. currently ours are set to 1000m.

    I will tryout you updated plugin friday.

    sorry don't use steam haven't used it for ages after I stoped playing cs.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    just a suggestion when making sucide in RU base at closed sapwnpoint to Ait it says 75%. The spawpoint at the train it says 92,5%. under the bridge it says 100%. maybe it should be a bit bigger the zone so all sapwnpoints is 100% inside.

    Futhermore the base of US in arica should probally be a little bit futher back so it dosn't include hills. but ends at the gate and the walls. I don't know about you but we have players camping with sniper just a couple of metes from the walls of US base behind stones. Etither that or setup defence zones.

    a bug: when adding more that one admin to the admin list the debug or admin commands dosen't work an ex. whern I type in my Nick and the next line my co. leader it shows up as AngelFireDKStynX.

    But so far the zones seems to react as they should. have been ruing around on arica doing suicide with debug on.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    ok seems to run fine today. But would really like to be able to add more than one admin in the adminlist atm if adding more than one, then the admin commands and such dosen't work and list all admin as one long nick.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    What is the string you are putting in the admins list? Are you separating the names with commas ? I'll try to fix the bug later today, and upload it.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    no put one on each line. I'll try with the comma part and see if that works

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    1. Not sure why you removed the default zones in RUSH, they were working just fine on our server.
    2. Using custom zones, when I type !zones, it says no zones loaded. It showed it once, now it doesn't at all and I believe I have it all set correctly.
    2. Did you remove the 'automatic' kill ?


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    Re: Insane Punisher

    The adminlist doesn't work as it should when more than one in there. Have also tried as suggested with commas. But it dosen't write it to the configfile and resets to first admin in the list. When just adding one it chages and write to the config file, just not when 2 or more in the list.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    Hey I was able to reproduce it, and fixed it yesterday. Indeed it was only allowing one admin on the list. (unless you set it in-game).

    I have also made the zone changes you suggested for Arica, and Laguna Alta (under train bridge). Finally I added the re-calibrated rush default zones.

    I just haven't uploaded the new version yet, as it was being tested on IgA servers. Normally, I leave it testing for a couple of days to catch major bugs before uploading it.

    Look for release tonight, the changes will be there.

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    Re: Insane Punisher

    sounds great looking forward to try it out.



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