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    Battlefield Hardline Servers

    It looks like BFH servers are available for configuration and server documentation link below.

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    hi guys. How many of you are getting servers and how many servers/gametype? Not sure spec requirements but I would like to run two 64 servers on my dedi if possible.

    As much stress and bf3/bf4 caused me, I'm going into Hardline with a different outlook. Can't be much worse right? lol. OR could it?!!

    Doesn't matter, I'm doing it for my community

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    I'm highly disappointed in hardcore, the whole reason our clan ran it was because we hated normal damage, now our servers have to be locked at 100% health or the server will be "custom" for "hardcore". Hardcore health shouldn't be the same as normal health...

    Idle timeout is locked, yet again, even team killing is locked.... Why would that be locked?

    XFantasy, I decided to drop our dedicated server with Fragnet, from my research and conversations with Fragnet, it was cheaper for us to "preorder" gameservers than to run them on the dedicated machine.

    Running with 2x - 64 and 2x - 32
    MIGHT switch to 1x - 64 and 4x - 32 tonight after we discuss everything with the clan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xFaNtASyGiRLx View Post
    Not sure spec requirements but I would like to run two 64 servers on my dedi if possible.
    Running 48+ slots will require a 3.20 GHz (or higher) CPU, even if you would just run a single instance.

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    Anyone heard yet, of a Procon tool update or download for HARDLINE ?

    Yes Dudenell, that is crazy what they did to us with the idle kick 86400 not running in HARDCORE again via the battllelog browser. A shame!
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    Well, as I see now, we have 2 hardline servers online. Both ranked. Other has 54 slots, if I remove hacker slots, it doesn't show up in a server browser. And spec slots are always 4 even I change that to 2, so server shows as 46 slots...
    Then idlekick is 300 even if I change that to 400 (server preset normal).
    And 48 slots are not in the server browser options, so have to expand to 70 slots I guess.
    It's like they have hardcoded hacker slots: if hacker is set to false then does not show up in a server browser
    When we finally get rid off this 300 secs idlekick if we want to our server to be seen as "normal".
    Also looked like server ticket count is fixed if we want our server to be shown as "nornal"
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    I'm doing 4 servers myself. 2 64p 2 32p im just waiting on procon to work with it

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    1 X 70 slot right now and see what happens... So far Procon will not connect to it, but it sounds like it has for other people so I don't know what I'm doing wrong right now. I've been going over the nfo setup page trying to get things ready, see who's streaming and whatnot. Good luck to everyone tonight.

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    I don't know how they are getting it to connect? I'm yet to be able to do that.

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    I don't think anybody is able to connect the current version of Procon to any Hardline server.



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