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    Battlefield Hardline server questions.

    How come u see some 2p server but with Procon u cant get a 2p server. Some say that u need to have a UNRANKED server to have a 2p server. But this a 2 p server and it is Offical. and i have seen alot of RANKED server as 2 p.
    As this link show that it is a Offical 2 p server but it is not my server,

    to my questions. Can u make a Ranked 2 p server with Procon, i have 10slots as max,. iam new to having a server

    Best regards

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    Adaptive Server Size plugin.
    Don't send me private messages (PMs) unless you really need privacy, like your game server password. If you just have a question or need help, post in one of the threads. It's extra work for me to answer questions and give help in private messages and no one else gets the benefit of the answer.

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    asp minimum player size is 10 players



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