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    Why I was banned?

    yeserday I posted a pretty simple question. Today I wanted to look if there's something new but I had to see that I was banned from the forum.
    Without a reason and forever. So could someone explain to me what happened?

    Thank you

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    Your other profile has been unbanned, looks like it was removed by accident while purging spam threads.
    Next time please use the built-in PM system or send us a mail via the contact form instead of creating a new thread about a situation like this, please


    Before posting: Have you read the MANUAL?
    Before posting: Have you used the SEARCH?

    I will not provide support through PMs or TeamSpeak. Please post your questions in our forums.

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    Hey Akhanto(2),

    thanks for this post. I think I was the one who fucked this up.
    Your topic / post might have been deleted by me while fighting some spambots and with that I banned your account in the process.

    Your account has been unbanned.

    My apologies!

    With regards,




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