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    This one actually works fine with BF3, the only thing I don't like about it is that it bans by Name Only

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    Quote Originally Posted by .=QUACK=.Major.Pain View Post
    Not hard at all.
    Just enable it and it's ready to go pretty much.
    Add words as you need.
    It doesn't work! It doesn't do anything... Am I the only one?

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    Installed the BF3 editio and it doesn't seem to do anything. :-(

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    Same here ??

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    CChatFilter plugin not working for me

    Firstly can I say thanks for this plugin....It looks like it will be very useful.
    Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. Heres what I have done.

    I have downloaded the zip and extracted the contents to my procon bf3 plugins folder. The plugin shows up in procon and I have configured all of the fields to my satisfaction.

    I go into game and try to use the bad words in game through the chat console yet nothing happens.
    Should the CCfilter.xml in the packages forlder be located in the same folder as CCfilter.cs?
    Also I do not see a file in the procon\plugins folder...Should there be one there? I also cannot see a .dll file related to the CChatFilter.cs ( seeing that most .cs files have a companion .dll )
    I have not added clan tags or my name to the protected lists and I have also set protected account holders to no.
    This is the first time I am using procon so any help would be highly appreciated.
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    This plugin was made for BFBC2 and is not compatible with BF3.

    But this one is:
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EBastard View Post
    This plugin was made for BFBC2 and is not compatible with BF3.

    But this one is:
    Thank you for your speedy reply
    Ok thanks will download now and see how I go .
    Does that mean that the list of plugins on this site are mostly for bfbc2?
    Would there be a link for updated plugin list specifically designed for bf3 ?
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    Have added plugin and works well for me....Thanks again

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    We were using this filter for BF3 when it first came out, stopped working with one of the patches. So we moved to Chat Filter for BF3, worked great until recently, it too stopped working. The Watchdog Language filter appears to be the only option, however, it's too complex. So unless I'm missing something, there are no longer any simple/easy to use chat filters.

    The best feature was the ability to kick/ban 24 by 7. I don't know enough about coding to find out and tweak the Chat Filter for BF3, but it was a great plugin for more than a year.

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    i canīt download, link is dead! please mates give me link to download if you have!

    or is there another chatfilter plugin for BC2 availible?

    please answer!

    thank you!

    PS: plz guys, does anyone have an alternative???

    PS2: finally got it, iīm using the Language Enforcer [] for BC2 - works fine!!!
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