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    Official mode in Classic! How?

    Currently started new 2nd DLC server. Want to make it Classic - Official, so it is easier to seed.

    Tried in config with:
    vars.preset classic

    But vars.servertype overwrites and makes it normal. With UMM I can make the server Classic, but it is actually still in Normal mode - despite that it says "Classic" on Battlelog.

    Any idea on how to fix this? This might be related to an old problem with Hardcore mode.

    Some other servers figured it out. Like this one:

    Any ideas or help is appreciated!
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    Bump. Anyone?

    Tried running vars.preset classic + all the right vars for classic mode in UMM (custom preset). Now the right settings are off in Procon (game settings) for classic mode, but server is still "Normal" in Battlelog. Seems like the vars.preset official keeps coming in an ruins it.

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    vars.mpexperience CQCLASSIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarGasimXD View Post
    vars.mpexperience CQCLASSIC
    Hehehe. Not exactly that. I want "vars.preset Classic" to work with "vars.serverType OFFICIAL"

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    I see, i havent got a clue, its retarded to run a server on offical mode anyways, you have no control of it EA has all the control, lol



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