• Procon released

    A new update for Procon has just been released.

    Procon contains smaller changes to the core and UI, some of which have been due for a few months .

    Beside the change of all references of "Myrcon Pty. Ltd." to "Myrcon" (in order to reflect the recent changes in our company structure as well as our beloved Phogue leaving us for DICE), the most important change introduced is a highlighting of Procon developers, Myrcon staff and (registered/selected) plugin developers in the player list within Procon.
    The EA GUIDs of people who have contributed to our project are now collected in a central location and fetched by Procon once upon startup. Once they join a server with this GUID, Procon highlights their player in the player list by changing the font color to a light-ish blue as well as adding an additional text as their "player type". By introducing this highlighting, we want to show our appreciation to our team and thank them for their help and development.

    The latest version of Procon 1 is already being distributed via auto-updater or can be downloaded from here: https://forum.myrcon.com/showthread....oad-Procon-1-X

    You can find a full changelog here: https://forum.myrcon.com/showthread....l=1#post109576

    As always, the sourcecode of the latest version of Procon is also available on GitHub: https://github.com/myrcon/Procon-1